The cornerstone of the Culterra Olive Oil quality is based in four principals:

Laboratory analyses

It’s of severe importance to verify that each and every lot must agree with the International Standards of “Extra Virgin”.
Sensory evaluation

Every oil lot is undergone “tasting” so that is made sure the fact that it is rich of the characteristics contributing to its abundant flavor and pleasant scent.

Control tests 

The procedure of quality test follows a chemical analysis making sure that the product fulfills the prerequisites of food safety keeping all of its nutritional and beneficial characteristics for our health.

Tree tracking system

The Tracking Product System is an electronic system that tracks the products while they are transforming on the different stages of the procedure or while they are transferred through the supply chain.

All the above reassures that the final product keeps all its nutritional and sensory nutrients such as vitamin E and K, calcium e.t.c. and its other beneficial ingredients. There is a detailed chart of the Nutritional Values per 100ml on every bottle of our product. Culterra Olive Oil uses modern facilities of crashing, standardization and storage of the olive, applies a system of ensuring quality ISO 22000. CULTERRA is also a verified member of the Agrinutritional Cooperation of the Region of Crete.