Who we are

CULTERRA GP is a Cretan firm which envisions the continuation of our ancestors’ tradition on olive oil production. The technological advancement combined with the extroversion that inundates our era have helped a lot into the evolution of this pure product and its promotion at the top of demand on a global level. 

In Lagouta, a small traditional village located in Minoa Pediada Municipality in Heraklion region unit lay and bloom our olive trees among Minoan mountains where our oil is extracted from. The olive trees full of the juices and flavors of the Cretan earth grow day by day under the plentiful sun in 200m to 500m altitude. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Glass Bottle

100% Koroneiki Variety

Cold Extraction
Acidity ≤ 0,3 % w/w
Store in a dark, dry and cool place

Our disc

In ancient Crete, ancient Minoans kept their longevity secret in mystery attributed to their medicine as they used to call the olive oil.
The residents of Crete during the Minoan era evolved and systemized the pruning and vaccination of the olive tree. They worked on every possible way of taking care and developing the olive tree through great devotion and effort.
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